Promote a Drunk Driving Prevention Event in
Your Hometown

Stop Drunk Driving Now invites you to host a drunk driving prevention event in your hometown. Our events are free to the kids that attend them. We can produce events in the daytime at a school assembly or in the evening. Our typical events involve speakers from trauma, police and fire departments. We also are sometimes able to have people who have been directly impacted by a drunk driving accident attend as well.

A Stop Drunk Driving event is an effective way to raise drunk driving awareness in your town. The events are part speech and part talk show. They include professional sound and lighting and are fully staffed by out team of event professionals.

While we have worked in the past with many first responders you do not have to be part of a government group or department to make a difference in your town. Any concerned parent, student, or citizen can take the lead and make a difference. Don’t you feel the kids in your town are worth it? Wouldn’t you like to them to hear this lifesaving message?

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