Stop Drunk Driving Now uses the latest in cutting edge technology to reach kids in every town with our life saving message. We utilize the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Blogspot to promote drunk driving awareness to America's youth. Through these social networks we offer FREE music downloads of the world's up and coming musicians to kids. When they get to their town's Stop Drunk Driving Now web page to download the free music, they are inundated with drunk driving prevention information. Finally, each town's web page has it's own issue of Checkpoint Magazine. Checkpoint is a drunk driving prevention magazine that combines music and message in the latest digital formats. It is filled with drunk driving prevention information and tips, as well as local advertisements of each town's businesses and residents.

Yesterday, dozens of people were killed and injured in drunk driving accidents. The sad fact is it was totally preventable. Our newspapers and television screens are constantly filled with terrible images of crashed cars and demolished lives. A person dies every 30 minutes in a drunk driving incident everyday on America's roads and highways. It is time to stop letting our neighbors become statistics.

With the help of local people like you, Stop Drunk Driving Now puts information about drunk driving prevention into your community's most important hands: the ones holding the keys. We send out drunk driving information electronically to teens in a unique and memorable way.

Support your community and your kids today, contact to see how you can help make a difference.